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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Structural Changes Will Not Be A Quick Fix For Investment - JUNE 2016

Americas June 2016 / Brazil / Industry

Addressing constrained domestic capacity and weak international investor sentiment will be crucial in the success of President Temer's new infrastructure plans. Persistent political uncertainty will be the greatest deterrent to multi-decade infrastructure investments.


Industry Trend Analysis - Mekong Infrastructure: Construction Sector Benefiting From Chinese/Japanese Financing - JUNE 2016

Asia Pacific June 2016 / Asia / Industry

Increasing availability of financing stemming from Chinese and Japanese competition for influence and contract opportunities bodes well for the construction sectors in the Mekong region.


Industry Trend Analysis - Brexit Would Hamper Interconnection Strategy - JUNE 2016

Europe June 2016 / United Kingdom / Industry

A Brexit would infuse uncertainty into ambitious British interconnection expansion plans, as the country would have to renegotiate its role in the EU-wide electricity trading framework. Delays in the deployment of new interconnections would tighten the British electricity supply margin further over the next decade.


Industry Trend Analysis - Robust Construction Growth Despite Bagamoyo Uncertainty - JUNE 2016

Middle East & Africa June 2016 / Tanzania / Industry

While the removal of the multibillion dollar Bagamoyo Port project from our forecasts has resulted in a downward revision of our short-term construction industry growth forecasts, we remain positive on the progression of other port infrastructure developments and the steady expansion of the market over our 10-year forecast period.