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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - International Lifeline Closing For Odebrecht - FEB 2017

Americas February 2017 / Latin America / Industry

Odebrecht's access to international contracts and much-needed operating income will be constricted as governments in key markets move forward with restrictions, fines, and outright bans. This will put the Brazilian major under considerable pressure as these cashflows have provided a lifeline for the company which has faced contracting restrictions and struggled to raise capital in its domestic market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Construction Open To Private And Foreign Firms - FEB 2017

Asia Pacific February 2017 / Thailand / Industry

Opportunities for private and foreign participation in Thailand's infrastructure industry will continue to present themselves, as the market remains one of the more competitive in the region. While government agencies and SOEs fill designated roles in sponsoring or operating projects, significant numbers of investment and construction contracts are taken up by private domestic and foreign companies.


Industry Trend Analysis - Development Finance And Privatisation To Diversify Competitive Landscape - FEB 2017

Europe February 2017 / Kazakhstan / Industry

A combination of development funding inflows and an expansive government privatisation initiative will facilitate a significant diversification of Kazakhstan's competitive landscape in the coming years.


Industry Trend Analysis - MENA Infrastructure: Key Themes For 2017 - FEB 2017

Middle East & Africa February 2017 / Middle East / Industry

2017 broadly signals a more positive outlook for the MENA infrastructure markets, which will benefit from oil prices starting an upwards trend and the corresponding general improvement in investor sentiment. Growth in key markets will tick upwards, although Saudi Arabia will disappoint and Iran's future attractiveness is at risk from a new US administration.