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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Improvements To New Concessions Programme Will Not Be Enough - JAN 2017

Americas December 2016 / Brazil / Industry

BMI View: Several changes to Brazil's concessions programme indicate that the Temer administration is looking to make quick progress on attracting private investors into the country's infrastructure. However, we expect only mixed uptake, with key challenges around costs and return on investment still left unresolved.


Industry Trend Analysis - Domestic Companies and SOEs Continue Industry Dominance - JAN 2017

Asia Pacific December 2016 / India / Industry

Indian companies, both privately and government-owned, continue to dominate the construction and infrastructure competitive landscape, especially within financing and operation roles. The government's widespread liberalisation of FDI regulations over the past two years bodes well for greater foreign competition, but interested investors will still face structural difficulties and strong incumbents in India's infrastructure space.


Industry Trend Analysis - Privatisation Programme: Upside Obscured By Risk - JAN 2017

Europe January 2017 / Kazakhstan / Industry

The planned privatisation of key state-controlled entities presents significant upside to our construction growth outlook for Kazakhstan, with asset sales offering a measure of fiscal relief to the cash-strapped Kazakh government and an avenue for foreign investment into the country's infrastructure sector


Industry Trend Analysis - 2017 Budget Supports Transport Outlook - JAN 2017

Middle East & Africa January 2017 / Qatar / Industry

With its significant capital allocation to transport and World-Cup related infrastructure, the approval of Qatar's 2017 budget lends support to our bullish transport infrastructure outlook and our expectation that it will underpin broader construction sector growth.