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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Infrastructure Fund To Support Growth Outlook - FEB 2018

Americas January 2018 / Chile / Industry

A new infrastructure fund created by the Chilean government will open up additional funding for infrastructure development via concessions in the country, supporting our positive outlook for the growth of the country's construction industry over the next decade and increasing the attractiveness of the Chilean infrastructure market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Steady Improvements Reflect Strong Growth Potential - FEB 2018

Asia Pacific January 2018 / Indonesia / Industry

Indonesia's Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index score has made marked improvements over the past year, reflecting the market's large growth potential and steady progress on government-led development plans. These improvements comes despite the presence of numerous operating risks in the country compared to more-developed markets.


Industry Trend Analysis - EU Backing Crucial To Pipeline Connectivity - FEB 2018

Europe January 2018 / Poland / Industry

EU financial backing for a planned pipeline connecting Poland and Slovakia adds upside to our oil and gas pipeline sector outlooks for each country. It also highlights the prominent role the EU plays in financing cross-border infrastructure projects in service of greater security of energy supply.


Industry Trend Analysis - MENA Desalination: GCC Offers Superior Risk Profile - FEB 2018

Middle East & Africa January 2018 / Middle East / Industry

The Middle East and North Africa region will continue be ripe for contract opportunities in the desalination space, as governments seek to accommodate growing structural demand for potable water in an environment projected to remain among the most water-stressed globally. Risks to project implementation and operation will vary widely on a regional basis, with countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council broadly presenting more positive risk profiles than their counterparts elsewhere in MENA.