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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Quick View: Trump Metal Tariffs Announced At High End Of Guidance - APR 2018

Americas April 2018 / United States / Industry

On March 1, President Trump announced plans to implement tariffs on steel and aluminium of 25% and 10%, respectively, applied to all countries. The tariffs mentioned are at the higher end of recommendations submitted to the President by the Commerce Department following an investigation into the national security implications of metal imports.


Industry Trend Analysis - Residential, Non-Residential Growth To Subside As Prices Stabilise - APR 2018

Asia Pacific April 2018 / China / Industry

The residential and non-residential building segments will be among the slowest-growing components of China's construction industry as a weakening housing and commercial real estate market, prompted by property bubble and debt concerns, weigh on investor demand and developer appetite for new buildings construction.


Industry Trend Analysis - Election Boosts Threat To Infrastructure Sector - APR 2018

Europe April 2018 / Italy / Industry

The results of Italy's parliamentary election held on March 4 indicate growing risk to our positive outlook on Italy's construction industry. The lack of a path to the formation of a new government will increase uncertainty over the coming weeks while the strong result of the Five Star Movement, which won the most votes in the election, has increased the potential for a M5S-led government to emerge, an outcome which would have negative implications for a number of infrastructure projects currently under development.


Industry Trend Analysis - MENA To Retain Short-Term Growth Crown - APR 2018

Middle East & Africa April 2018 / Middle East / Industry

MENA's construction sector will outperform other global regions in the short-term . Major events will drive growth in world beating markets like Qatar and the UAE, favourable regulation combined with ambitious economic diversification efforts in the case of Oman and Saudi Arabia, and government support and robust structural demand in Egypt.