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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Trump's Private Sector-Led Infra Plan Will Fail To Meet Expectations - DEC 2016

Americas November 2016 / United States / Industry

President-elect Donald Trump's infrastructure plan - which relies entirely on tax-credit induced private capital - will fall well short of the USD1trn in promised investment. The transport industry will see the most limited investment gains under the current plan due to the sector being almost entirely public. Meanwhile, energy and utilities would be the primary beneficiary of any surge in investment.


Industry Trend Analysis - Infrastructure Industry To Remain Foreign-Investor Friendly - DEC 2016

Asia Pacific November 2016 / Philippines / Industry

We believe the Philippines' infrastructure industry will remain one of the more investor-friendly markets in the region, despite the risks associated with President Rodrigo Duterte's shift away from working with the US. A handful of Philippine conglomerates dominate the industry, but regulations will likely remain welcoming to foreign and smaller private partners.


Industry Trend Analysis - Development Finance: AIIB Comes Into Its Own - DEC 2016

Europe November 2016 / Global / Industry

The success of the China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in partnering with other development institutions to jointly finance infrastructure projects is a sign of further cooperation to come and cements our expectation that multi-lateral development funding will be increasingly crucial to the realisation of infrastructure projects.


Industry Trend Analysis - Chinese Investment To Bolster Industry - DEC 2016

Middle East & Africa November 2016 / Zimbabwe / Industry

Chinese investment into manufacturing capacity and logistics infrastructure around newly formed Special Economic Zones will be critical in supporting Zimbabwe construction industry growth over the coming years, as fiscal constraints and poor investor sentiment limit other funding sources.