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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Status Of Trump Infrastructure Plan - Q&A - MAR 2017

Americas March 2017 / United States / Industry

Trump's widely touted USD1trn infrastructure package continues to be clouded by uncertainty over funding source, scale, and even what will be considered "infrastructure" under the plan.


Industry Trend Analysis - Trump Administration: Implications For Asia Infrastructure - MAR 2017

Asia Pacific March 2017 / Asia / Industry

President Trump's still-nebulous domestic infrastructure investment plans will generate growth opportunities in the US, but trade tensions and a domestic bias could pose challenges for Asian firms otherwise keen to participate. The expected increase in points of contention - particularly economic - between the US and countries in Asia will leave room for China to expand its influence through the AIIB and the Belt & Road infrastructure initiative.


Industry Trend Analysis - IoT Key Themes 2017 - Enterprise Drives Focus On Cost Cutting - MAR 2017

Europe March 2017 / Global / Industry

While our long-term views regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to play out, we have identified a series of key themes which we believe will become more prevalent in 2017. These are enterprises focusing on savings costs rather than boosting revenues, operators balancing multiple technologies, data analytics moving to the edge and the appearance of specific regulation regarding security.


Industry Trend Analysis - Construction: Worst Over, But Weakness Ahead - MAR 2017

Middle East & Africa March 2017 / Saudi Arabia / Industry

A resumption of government payments to contractors along with infrastructure capital allocations in the 2017 budget will see a moderate recovery in growth Saudi Arabia's construction sector over 2017. Only by 2019 will the industry fully recover, however, as a weak economy and uncertainty over the future implementation of projects weighs on growth.