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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Impeachment No Silver Bullet For Infrastructure - MAY 2016

Americas May 2016 / Brazil / Industry

Our core view for the senate to accept impeachment charges against President Dilma Rousseff and for Vice-President Michel Temer to take office does not represent any quick fix for Brazil's stagnant infrastructure sector.


Industry Trend Analysis - Land Acquisition To Remain A Major Hindrance To Infrastructure Plans - MAY 2016

Asia Pacific May 2016 / Indonesia / Industry

While strong growth, progress on reforms and increased government spending on infrastructure bode well for Indonesian construction, Batang Land Dispute decided by the Supreme Court ruling suggests that lengthy land acquisition procedure will remain a major bottleneck to infrastructure projects in Indonesia over the coming years.


Industry Trend Analysis - US & UK Players Dominate Global Competitive Landscape - MAY 2016

Europe May 2016 / Global / Industry

At present, the global construction industry is dominated by US- and UK-based players. Going forward, we expect Chinese firms in the infrastructure sector to gain a greater share of the global market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Route To Lamu Still Most Viable Pipeline Option - MAY 2016

Middle East & Africa May 2016 / Uganda / Industry

We maintain that the pipeline to export Uganda's crude oil will most likely be directed through Kenya to Lamu Port rather than Tanzania's Tanga Port. While the oil majors involved and the Ugandan government have yet to decide on a route, the Kenyan option is more commercially viable, with better infrastructure in place to support the technically complex project.