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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Urban Cable Car Systems To Proliferate - SEPT 2017

Americas September 2017 / Latin America / Industry

Cable-propelled transit (CPT) offers an affordable transit solution for cities in Latin America and we expect projects to continue to proliferate over the coming years. The systems not only reduce the spatial impact of providing new transport to unconnected communities, but are also suited to the region's topography. This trend will offer international CPT companies a new and potentially vast revenue stream.


Industry Trend Analysis - Diversified Financing Necessary To Sustain Belt And Road Investment - SEPT 2017

Asia Pacific September 2017 / Asia / Industry

Investment into the Belt and Road will remain a priority of the Chinese government, with policy banks, dedicated funds and state-owned commercial banks providing the bulk of financing. Crucial to the longer term sustainability of the initiative will be increasing private capital participation and this will necessitate greater de-risking of projects and increased scrutiny in project selection.


Industry Trend Analysis - Average Market Performance Informed By Low Risks, Low Rewards - SEPT 2017

Europe September 2017 / Germany / Industry

Germany's average performance on our Risk Reward Index is weighed down by a below-average rewards profile, as weak construction sector growth and a mature infrastructure base erode the long-term attractiveness of the country's construction industry. Conversely, the country's stable governance, clear regulatory regime, and strong legal framework all feed an attractive risk profile that serves to keep Germany above average relative to its North American and Western European peers.


Industry Trend Analysis - Rewards Tied To Commodities Infrastructure In High-Risk Market - SEPT 2017

Middle East & Africa September 2017 / Mozambique / Industry

Mozambique will remain one of the riskiest markets to develop infrastructure in SSA, with investors wary of ongoing macroeconomic and political instability and lack of transparency in the overall business environment. Significant investment opportunities over the coming years will stem from the development of the nascent gas industry, with several high-value, large-scale projects in the pipeline to deliver the untapped reserves to international markets.